What people say about Rumah Sanur

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Connect  |  Collaborate  |  Celebrate

Rumah Sanur is a home away from home for artists, creatives, thinkers, innovators and social entrepreneurs. Here’s a taste of what people say about Rumah Sanur.

Excellent creative hub in Sanur. They have lots of fun events, cool bands on weekends, serve good food and coffee. There’s also a newly built beer garden. | Dino Maiolo

Working hard and chilling harder! Perfect combination of third space for us! | Aria Putra

A good community centre with focus on networking, social movement and art space discussions, definitely worth to work and collaborate with | Olin Monteiro

Rumah Sanur has lots of things to do, simply enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or shop some local product with good quality and story, or even ready for work independently together. | Eva Lidya

It’s a cool place where ideas meet, the creative people gather in this place. If you want to share your ideas about what you love, come to this place | Martha Dianka

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I loved this place when I was in Sanur. It is friendly, helpful, well located, offers great service, has a cafe with cool food. I enjoyed being ‘back in the office’ in an amiable and supportive environment. The opportunity to all go to lunch is worth taking to network and make friends. Well done to the team who make it happen | Lisa Bowen

This is a great place to chill and relax, you can enjoy coffee and check out some exhibition which they hold sometimes | Sendra Hestiningrum

Somewhere, somehow I never felt like I learn a lot from a place but here I learn about coffee. I learn about how important education is for the farmer and how amazing it is to see people keeping the standard of quality. Amazing service. Cool and friendly people, high quality coffee with amazing food that can move you to different atmosphere. If I’m there I can feel free and home. The best place I’ve ever find in my life it’s just great place to be | JW Alexhia Brooks

Awesome place, great ambiance for working, hanging out and making new friends. Kopi Kultur serves great coffee. | Zanny Chandra

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Really creative. Absolutely love the decor. And what a coffee list ! Best Single origin coffee in Sanur | Rajasri Mukhopadhyay

Creative and best place to hangout around Sanur area | Tribayu Usadha

It’s a very warm, arty and full of collaborative energy and stimulating ideas brainstorming well! Love it and recommend to all wants to be in creative community, come and join here. | Lis Sutjiati