Kopi Kultur is a coffee shop with a purpose. Its vision and purpose is to combine social entrepreneurship and responsible resource management by producing and presenting Indonesia’s best coffee, creating a space for dialogue and sharing between producers and connoisseurs of coffee, as well as assisting coffee farmers in producing high-quality, fair trade coffee.

Kopi Kultur is open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 11pm so you can get your caffeine fix anytime of day.

Visit us inside at Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, Jalan Danau Poso No. 51A, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

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What we do

Make great coffee

The baristas not only make great coffee at the Kopi Kultur shop in Rumah Sanur they are also a wealth of information about all things coffee and can provide you with information on where our beans are sources and what work we do with the farmers.

Find out more about our coffee beans here.

Farmer outreach and assistance

Kopi Kultur combines the process of providing coffee straight from the farmers’ hands in the ring of fire with creating an integrated coffee production process.

Kopi Kultur builds partnerships between farmers and communities by developing coffee farms and creating opportunities to build sustainable businesses that are economic, social, cultural and environmental based.

Working with farmers to improve growing and farming practices, education and knowledge sharing about roasting techniques and product development, Kopi Kultur helps ensure coffee farmers have a sustainable business.

Why Indonesian coffee

Indonesian coffee, is coffee with purpose and true story. Tracing back to the 16th century, when Indonesian coffee emerged as world leading. Since then, the journey of centuries has created different flavours and aromas in the coffee plants that grow on the land.

The secret? It lies in the fertile soil of the “Ring of Fire” cluster which has the best nutrients in the soil creating a standard of coffee world renowned from all over Indonesia including Java, Bali and Sumatra.

To keep this strong tradition for good coffee alive, Kopi Kultur only delivers coffee from Indonesia and the Ring of Fire.