Uncle Joy | Artist

Uncle Joy’s distinctive colourful style has its roots in graffiti. An artist in the Open Studios Program for CushCush Gallery #DenPasar2018, Uncle Joy called Rumah Sanur his home for a week in October.

Why do you choose to work with colours that pop?
I prefer bright colours, there are no limits. Also, I guess it goes back to my basics in graffiti, all the murals on the street use bright colours because the goal is to make people see them.

Where do you find inspiration?
The inspiration is from what I see & like. In the past, I have liked & found inspiration in Japanese comics, puppets, & robots.

What were your early graffiti works?
I started to make graffiti pictures from pictures and people’s faces using stickers. In the beginning it was in Kuta at Poppys.

What is your process, for example do you make a concept first or make it along the way?
I just draw & enjoy the process & I draw my concept from everyday moments.

So when and how do you tell if a piece is finished?
Well, until I say I think it’s enough. Sometimes there are works that have been done for more than a year.

What materials do you use?
Now, I am exploring canvas again because it is easier to exhibit. If I’m doing a mural on the streets, sometimes I don’t know. Actually, I just did a mural yesterday with CushCush Gallery & am just doing legal murals.

What do you hope for in your work?
To trigger a dialogue & for everyone to see and have different meanings in my work.

Do you have a favourite work?
Almost all of them, because all the pictures are a process for me & I have to enjoy it. Because maybe next year I can just draw my picture like my pictures now.

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