BAMBOOINA at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017

BAMBOOINA at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017

BAMBOOINA: Developing Indonesian bamboo products with contemporary design
Curating modern Indonesian design products from SMEs that aim to foster sustainable consumption and provide economic empowerment for local communities.

BAMBOOINA at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017
Appearing at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017, BAMBOOINA curates 10 contemporary Indonesian brands. The designers presented are immersed in developing bamboo products that are functional, can be used by people in everyday lives and are sustainable.

A collaborative effort between Rumah Sanur Creative Hub and Adhi Nugraha, BAMBOOINA means “Contemporary Indonesian Design Objects” and brings to life traditional methods in a modern

The display of these products is a reflection of the idea of Transforming Tradition, a way to enable every culture, every society, to flourish based on their own unique roots, using their own sustainable local resources, their history and their references.

In selecting to curate bamboo products, the collaboration focuses on one of Indonesia’s traditional materials and reflects the evolution and design develops in the country.

The program aims to empower bamboo working communities and SMEs, to act as an enable for taking a holistic approach to sustainability in the bamboo sector and to develop a way forward for

Selecting the brands on display and to collaborate with was no easy task with such a depth of bamboo design work across Indonesia.

Rumah Sanur Creative Hub and Adhi Nugraha selected brands that take a different approach to the transformation and development of various bamboo-based products as part of a responsible
lifestyle. The upstream – downstream model is developed with the base of local value with contemporary spirit.

This year is the third year for Rumah Sanur Creative Hub at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017, an important celebration of creativity and design in Asia that encourages the management and
development of sustainable local products.

The featured bamboo products and designers on display at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017 are:
1. Violin | Andar Bagus Sriwarno
2. Bicycle by Spedagi | Singgih S. Kartono
3. Tableware | Handhyanto Hardian and local citizens of Belu, NTT
4. Speakers and lighting by MOHOI with Rosyid Akhmadi
5. Bags by Taskuni | Adhi Nugraha & Paivi Punamaki
6. Chairs, lighting and accessories by FASA
7. Tableware by Navetta Design | Adhi Nugraha
8. Bags by Amygdala | Harry Anugrah Mawardi and Firman Mutaqin
9. Lighting and accessories by ALUR BAMBOO | Arif Rachman
10. Bags by Amuraka | Rico Doni Sagita

About Transforming Tradition
The idea Transforming Tradition is the basis for the BAMBOOINA exhibit at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017.

Transforming Tradition aims to keep old but valuable traditions alive by connecting it with contemporary lives to ensure sustainability for future generations and safeguard these important

In an ever-changing world, at the heart of everyday life in Asia remains important cultural traditions.
It is vital that people can be modern while maintaining connections to their roots.

This presents a challenge for designers and artists – to be modern and competitive without losing their shared cultural history. It is these designers who will also play an important role in transforming traditions to ensure they remain relevant and be conducted in creative and appropriate ways.

The Transforming Tradition program invites artists, craftspeople, designers, and students to collaborate and explore new ideas by transforming aspects of tradition into new objects and

By bridging tradition and modernity, old and new, in new forms – shapes, techniques, functions, context – and creating new products, these collaborators develop new products that are more
mindful for modern consumers and created using sustainable production methods.

This year as part of Chiang Mai Design Week 2017, Transforming Tradition is presented and applied in the design developments as part of the BAMBOOINA project.

BAMBOOINA x Transforming Tradition x Rumah Sanur Creative Hub A partnership between Rumah Sanur Creative Hub and Adhi Nugraha, the BAMBOOINA exhibit at
Chiang Mai Design Week is supported by Thai Airways and BCA.

The collaborative effort is a diplomatic cultural effort designed to bridge the creative dialogues between Indonesia and Thailand as well as develop international collaboration that emphasises
cultural identity in a regional context.

Adhi Nugraha & Ayip Budiman