Blending sustainable production and modern design, two Indonesian brands – Batiktuk and JimJim are introducing new life into ancient traditions in Indonesian textiles.

Joining more than 20 brands on display at the Pesona Batik Wastra Nusantara booth curated by to~ko Concept Store for a celebration for International Batik Day, Batiktuk and JimJim both create handmade products for discerning customers using artisanal batik techniques.

Founded in 2009 by Bagus Bagong, Batiktuk is the second project for Bagus after he got his start making batik artwork in Yogyakarta.

“We realised that making batik for artwork costed big money, so we started the brand and retail Batiktuk to make money to support batik artwork and exhibitions,” Bagus said.

“It (Batiktuk) is about re-inventing young people interested in the arts of tradition, especially making batik,” he said.

Recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Batik making is a long and complex process that is meticulous and complicated.

“In Batiktuk we try to make the process easier and more youthful in spirit with techniques that are still based on tradition,” Bagus said.

Now working with a team of producers and marketers, the result is a select line of products including clothes and scarves that feature modern colour palettes and distinct designs for modern consumers.

The designs are often inspired by real-world objects, natural resources, landscapes and images of Indonesia, creating a product that appears more like wearable art.

“I like to play with colours, then it’s almost like a game of emotion between the batik and the batik maker themselves,” he said.

“Every batik is different so sometimes it is a long process and sometimes it is short.”

While drawing on Indonesia for inspiration, Bagus also notes it we are quickly satisfied and in our comfort zone in Indonesia and sometimes we must get out to explore more ideas.

Using handmade batik techniques takes time and Batiktuk creates small-batch products that are limited to a small number to maintain the high-quality craftsmanship.

Not only aiming to revitalise batik printmaking, for Batiktuk founder, Bagus Bagong, the label also has an important community aspect.

“We want to help create income for the communities and our main focus and personality is community itself,” Bagus said.

For Batituk, creating a work and brand that promotes sustainability and collaboration is also vital.

“We use a material called cotton tencel which is quite unique and special, for dyes we use Indigosol which we import from India, it’s an eco-friendly dye,” Bagus said.

“We also don’t produce any material waste, so it is more efficient and sustainable,” he said.

A second Indonesian brand on display for International Batik Day that is bringing batik to new generations is JimJim created by Diah Anggaraeni.

JimJim is a fusion fashion label that combines Indonesian batik with Japanese traditional clothing style to create a line of clothing for kids. For owner Diah, the creation of JimJim is closely tied to culture.

“I like working with batik because batik is one of the traditional fabrics from Indonesia and one of intangible cultural heritage,” Diah said.

The JimJim line focuses on producing contemporary products that are suitable for active children in brightcolours from classic Indigo blues to sunny yellows and vibrant reds.

“With a batik element, we have created a fusion between two of the finest world cultural heritages, Indonesian batik, and the traditional Japanese summer wear also known as jinbei,” she said.

Each item in the collection is created with a special batik technique with a handwritten and stamp batik. By combining two cultures in a single product, the designers of JimJim aim to bring inspiration and a shared connection between two countries.

“We hope that kids can also wear the handcrafted Jinbei batik to celebrate the culture of both worlds,” Diah said.

This month to celebrate International Batik Day, both designers will be exhibited with more than 20 designers at the to~ko Concept Store booth at Pesona Batik Wastra Nusantara in Jakarta until October 8. A collaborative fashion show will take place on October 5 as part of the exhibit at Mal Kelapa Gading.
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