Indonesia designers release sustainable products made from upcycled materials at Rumah Sanur Creative Hub after three months of intense preparation as part of the MASABOCA Boot Camp.

For the inaugural MASABOCA three designers were chosen by a team of mentors from Rumah Sanur to manufacture and develop products that have a positive environmental impact and use upcycled materials.

The Kedaur team of Andri and Tami created paper from natural ingredients. Andhitya Gunawan made a canvas tote bag using upcycled clothes and Dita produced macrame pillowcases from a combination of cloth and material offcuts from tailors.

The inspirations for the three projects came from the world around them, the waste produced and environmental issues.

“What inspires us is everyday life and we see garbage every day. We are aware of fast fashion but many people are not aware of the cloth that is thrown away and wasted,” Dita said.

“When we go to the tailor, there are some small parts of fabric that are wasted and not used. We wanted to make something creative, functional and that has selling points,” Dita said.

For the Kedaur team of Andri and Tami, MASABOCA helped them to explore making paper from upcycled waste paper and other natural resources.

“We upcycle old paper to create new paper and products. We are also exploring how to make paper from banana stems, bark, corn husks, grass and other raw materials,” they said.

Adhitya Gunawan wanted to create a product that not only upcycled materials but also encouraged people to use less plastic.

“What inspired me to make the tote bag was that I was sad there is so much marine life dying due to plastic consumption. So, I thought how can I make a campaign about plastic waste through the products that I make,” Adhitya said.

The MASABOCA Boot Camp guided the three designers and developed their skills in a range of areas from product design to branding to marketing to product launch as well as giving participants the opportunity to run workshops at Rumah Sanur.

“We are guided intensively through the Boot Camp with mentors who have experience in different fields, especially management, businessand product design. Then we are given a place to work, mentored and financially assisted to help us develop products,” the Kedaur team said.

In establishing MASABOCA, Rumah Sanur wanted to give new designers the skills and space to produce sustainable products.

“This year we took submissions from new designers with the aim of developing creative potential in a competitive industry and that helps build environmental issues solutions,” Rumah Sanur Creative Hub Co-Founder Ayip Budiman said.

As each designer prepares to enter the market with new products, the projects will be on display at Rumah Sanur from tomorrow until December 27, marking the end of this year’s MASABOCA Boot Camp. The first small batch manufacturing of products will be for sale at to~ko Concept Store.

In-depth interviews with MASABOCA Boot Camp participants are available here.

Masaboca 2018 was supported by goaheadpeople.

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