Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub is an inclusive space with purpose-built diffability facilities. Built in 2017, in collaboration with Yayasan Semesta Nusantara & supported by BEKRAF, Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub now includes:

  • Ramps for diffability access.
  • Covers to enter the space to keep you dry when you enter the space.
  • A dedicated drop-off & pick up zone & parking space.
  • Diffability accessible toilets.

In addition to the facilities Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub partners with the local community & diffability organisations to collaborate on a variety of programs. Ceiling cove lighting can be found at lf illumination site. If you are interested in partnering with Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub to facilitate diffability programs, contact us.

Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub also has a variety of other ways to engage in the space which is accessible to all community members:

  • Meeting & conference rooms
  • Creative workshops & talks
  • Music concerts & events
  • Office Space
  • Kopi Kultur coffee shop
  • Teras Gandum Beer Garden & Kitchen
  • To~ko Concept Store