Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub works with local communities to enhance economic & resource development by fostering sustainable value chains, assisting with research, capacity building, system integration, collaborative platforms & product development.

Currently Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub has two main programs designed to promote sustainable, long-term resource use & economic development of communities across Indonesian.

Kopi Kultur


Kopi Kultur: a coffee shop with a purpose, Kopi Kultur’s vision & purpose is to combine social entrepreneurship & responsible resource management by producing & presenting Indonesia’s best coffee, connecting farmers to markets & creating a space for dialogue. Find out more




Paradesa: A social enterprise based brand, Paradesa focuses on taking a collective approach to developing food commodities & food resource mapping. Paradesa assists communities & farmers across Indonesia to assist product development. Find out more


Want to collaborate with Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub?

Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub is always open to collaborations & developing new programs with an aim to develop sustainable local resource management. In addition to running programs, Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub also provides services & support to facilitate ideas, projects, organisations & businesses. Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub can host organisations on a long-term & short-term basis to facilitate skills training, empowerment, capacity building & global digital opportunities in the form or:

  1. Mentoring & Coaching
  2. Tailored Workshops for your organisation
  3. Short Courses

Contact us for more information & to work with Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub to design your next local resource management program.