Timelining Sanur: The idea of Timelining Sanur is to position Sanur as a liveable destination by mapping Sanur’s past — its history, art & culture, ecology, people, and tourism spots. Timelining Sanur will draw on data and information from a number of sources, including archive, quantitive data from databases, policymaking and development plans, qualitative responses from the local community.

Timelining Sanur responds to ‘big data and social innovation in our globalised society’ by attempting to track what has been, what is and translating that through contemporary channels – web, apps, digital, real-time interaction to inform and influence the next generation of Balinese who hold the key to Bali’s future for both the local community, and as a tourist destination.

collab4cCollaboration for Competitiveness: SMEs collaborate with designers to enhance products and business. The program will be selected by submission and invitation & will be facilitated intensively in classroom and studio workshop in capacity building and product development to commerce. With To~ko Concept Store we demonstrate this program’s outcome in commerce.


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