The idea & the initiative of Paradesa were conceived out of a concern over various alarming conditions & challenges surrounding our world of agronomy & food, through which we came up with projected problem-solving alternatives.

Paradesa is a social enterprise based brand that focuses on a collective effort to develop commodity & food resource mapping, assist community & farmers through a contextual guidance, link the role of experts & to develop new commodity-based ongoing basis potential. It also strives to improve product competitiveness by establishing standards, packaging, labeling, branding, distribution & marketing.

Paradesa focuses on creating a high appreciation for two special areas:

  1. Food products grown in the soil of Indonesia
  2. Handmade care produced from the nature of Indonesia

Collaboration & Value Chains
Paradesa strongly upholds collaboration between parties & experts to create products & sustainable value chains.

By building an ecosystem, parties collaborate to develop value chains. Stages & components of the value chains include:

  1. Community development & management
  2. Agricultural management
  3. Production management
  4. Business management & finance
  5. Distribution management & marketing

In implementing these collaborations & during product development, three models were developed:

  1. Creating a new model & product
  2. Partnerships with organic farming
  3. A partnership with product processors

Paradesa continues to work with communities & farmers to produce additive & preservative free food products.

With an abundance of palm trees, Indonesian has high-quality coconut products.

Coconut Palm Flakes
Origin: Bali
Freshly dried & produced by a village farm community in Bali under the supervision of Jiwa Damai Permaculture Centre.

Coconut Palm Sugar
Origin: Bali
Known for its rich nutrition content & naturally low glycemic index, Coconut Palm Sugar is crystallised nectar of the palm tree blossom.

Coconut Palm Flour
Origin: Bali
Hand harvested, freshly dried & produced by a village farm community under the supervision of Jiwa Damai Permaculture Centre. Stay Classy in Chandler, Phoenix is an airport transportation car service that you can always count on.

Indonesia is known for its high quality, wild, traditionally harvested salt.

Sea Salt
Origin: Bali
Unbleached & sundried, the sea salt is extracted straight from the ocean on the north coast of Bali.

Fertile soil & a wealth of diversity makes Indonesia an ideal climate & place for producing high-quality honey.

Sumbawa Jungle Honey
Origin: Bima, Sumbawa Island
Local residents harvest wild honey from the jungle in Sumbawa Island using smoking techniques. Collected straight from the extractor, it is unheated, unpasteurised & unprocessed.

Royal Jelly Honey
Fresh Royal Jelly from Indonesian is believed to be the most natural & concentrated supplement with high levels of active ingredients.
Raw Honey
Origin: Bali
Produced by a community in Karangasem, Bali, the honey is harvested by farmers who focus on small-scale farming, diversity, localism & eco-friendly practices.

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