Evan Silver, Artist in Residence, Rumah Sanur

Evan V2About Evan

Raised in Chicago and a graduate of Brown University, Evan Silver is a theatre director and playwright, he also has experience in film, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, graphic design, fiction, and poetry, all informing his practice as a theatre artists.

Evan finds his inspirations in old texts, folklore and mythology. In past works, he has adapted a Hans Christian Anderson story, directed a theatre piece inspired by the Icarus Myth and also worked with Arabian Folklore.

Since starting as the Artist in Residence at Rumah Sanur, Evan has collaborated extensively with Indonesian artists and spent a large portion of his time studying with Balinese mask artists.

Recent project
Evan’s culminating project for his time in Bali is a theatre adaptation of The Heron & the Fish, a story from Central Java.

Collaborating with creatives from different parts of South East Asia including Marmar Herayukti (Bali), Nuy Darmadjaja (Jakarta), Willy Herasmus (Borneo), Anwari (Madura), Sandrayati Fay (Philippines) and the children of Batuan Village (Bali), the Heron & the Fish premiered on Saturday 17 June at Yayasan Bali Purnati.

Evan developed a passion for creative storytelling from an early age as the child of a banjo-playing printmaker and architect. As a printmaker Evan’s mum Deborah Lader also contributed to The Heron & the Fish, creating the artwork.