BAMBOOINA Chiang Mai Design Week 2017

Showcasing 11 curated products & designers from Indonesia, the BAMBOOINA exhibit at Chiang Mai Design Week aimed to foster sustainable consumption & provide economic empowerment for local communities. Curated by Ayip Budiman and Adhi Nugraha, the collaboration also took young designers & program coordinators to Chiang Mai Design week including Handhyanto Hardian to provide an international showcase & development opportunities.

  • Leloq
    Products on display
  • CMDW_Exhibit_10
    Adhi Nugraha & Ayip Budiman on site
  • Test Riding
    A visitor trying the Spedagi bike
  • Talking Chairs
    Designer, Handyato Hardian explaining his product
  • BAMBOOINA Visitors
    People at the BAMBOOINA exhibit
    Showcasing 11 products & designers from Indonesia


Curated products
The 11 products listed below were selected by curators Ayip Budiman and Adhi Nugraha for their modern features that blend & use a traditional material, bamboo. Download catalogue

  • Fasa
    Fasa products on display at the BAMBOOINA exhibit
    The BAMBOOINA catalogue on display
  • Bamboo Violin
    The bamboo violen by designer Andar Bagus Sriwarno

Products on display were:
Violin | Andar Bagus Sriwarno
Bicycle by Spedagi | Singgih S. Kartono
Tableware | Handhyanto Hardian and local citizens of Belu, NTT
Speakers and lighting by MOHOI with Rosyid Akhmadi
Bags by Taskuni | Adhi Nugraha & Paivi Punamaki
Chairs, lighting and accessories by FASA
Tableware by Navetta Design | Adhi Nugraha
Bags by Amygdala | Harry Anugrah Mawardi and Firman Mutaqin
Lighting and accessories by ALUR BAMBOO | Arif Rachman
Bags by Amuraka | Rico Doni Sagita
Bluetooth Speaker by Tung

Design studio visit
Not only an exhibition, Chiang Mai Design Week 2017 also featured visits to design studios. The BAMBOOINA team visited Ars D-sine Studio, discussing techniques, product innovation & design with the Thai studio.

  • ars d-sine
    Studio visit with the TCDC
  • Production
    Viewing the studio ars d-sine production
  • ars d-sine
    where it all happens the ars d-sine studio
  • Talking products
    The team from ars d-sine talk with the BAMBOOINA team
  • Handmade
    All the ars d-sine goods are handmade with care
  • Showroom
    The BAMBOOINA team in the ars d-sine showroom


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