Transforming Tradition

The idea for Transforming Tradition is the basis for BAMBOOINA, Rumah Sanur Creative’s Hub collaborative program with Adhi Nugraha.

About Transforming Tradition

Transforming Tradition aims to keep old but valuable traditions alive by connecting it with contemporary lives to ensure sustainability for future generations and safeguard these important practices.

In an ever-changing world, at the heart of everyday life in Asia remains important cultural traditions. It is vital that people can be modern while maintaining connections to their roots.

This presents a challenge for designers and artists – to be modern and competitive without losing their shared cultural history. It is these designers who will also play an important role in transforming traditions to ensure they remain relevant and be conducted in creative and appropriate ways.

The Transforming Tradition program invites artists, craftspeople, designers, and students to collaborate and explore new ideas by transforming aspects of tradition into new objects and products.

By bridging tradition and modernity, old and new, in new forms – shapes, techniques, functions, context – and creating new products, these collaborators develop new products that are more mindful for modern consumers and created using sustainable production methods.

Read more about the BAMBOOINA exhibit at Chiang Mai Design Week 2017 here