Roa and his baby echidna

A few weeks ago ROA came to Rumah Sanur & painted one of his famous animals. Thanks for this great coverage StreetArtNews.


Street artist ROA is a muralist from Ghent, Belgium whose work has often been recorded and photographed, but very little is known about the artist and even less is documented.

At a very young age ROA remembers wanting to be an archaeologist or something adventurous and collecting little skulls from birds and rodents to draw at home. He grew up in the eighties and naturally was inspired by the American life; music, skating and so forth. The love for music, more in particular hip-hop, quickly joined his curiosity in graffiti.

Some major cities, where his work can be found include London, New York, Berlin, Warsaw, Madrid, Moscow, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Paris.

Now you can see ROA’s work in Canggu & at Rumah Sanur – come meet our baby echidna! ROA was presented in collaboration with TropicaFestival, Artotel Sanur – Bali, Villa Indah Ubud & Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub.