Rumah Sanur’s third birthday marks a coming of age for one of Indonesia’s first creative hubs, which continues to showcase the creative industries and the archipelago’s diversity.

‘What started as an idea in 2015 to foster Indonesian ingenuity has developed into a space that nurtures creative ecosystems and social innovation,’ Rumah Sanur’s Co-Founder Ayip Budiman said.

Since then, Rumah Sanur has grown from a shared-space for creatives to a central meeting place for local and international communities from across 16 sectors.

‘Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub now has three performance stages which have hosted over 1000 events with thinkers, designers and artists from across Indonesia, Asia, Europe and Australia presenting talks, collaborative projects, exhibitions, screenings and gigs,’ Ayip said.

Founded by Ayip Budiman, Roberto Aria Putra and William Sutiyoso, Rumah Sanur is home to Kopi Kultur, to~ko Concept Store, Teras Gandum Beer Garden & Kitchen and an open co-working space.

Since the original building was repurposed and reimagined by Indonesian architect Yoko Sara, Rumah Sanur’s physical space has continued to evolve.

Joining works by Belgium’s ROA, and Indonesia’s Farid StevyRio Simatupang and Ayip Budiman—international pieces by Berlin-based Pablo lentile and France’s NatchArtwork have also being added to Rumah Sanur’s streetscape.

The latest Farid Stevy piece, a representation of the famous Mochtar Lubis speech sits at the main entrance to Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub. ‘In that speech, he talks about being an Indonesian citizen, which I found interesting and the text is still relevant to all Indonesians today,’ Farid Stevy said.

‘When Rumah Sanur asked me to do another artwork, I chose the front stairs as Rumah Sanur has the same spirit and we wanted to people to engage with these words as they entered the space,’ Farid said.

‘Rumah Sanur is friends, is family—Rumah Sanur wants to make sure that everybody has the courage to move forward, to embrace possibilities, to achieve dreams,’ Farid said.

Building on Rumah Sanur’s foundations as a space for all communities, in 2017, Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub underwent renovations in collaboration with Yayasan Semesta Nusantara and BEKRAF to add purpose-built diffability facilities including ramps, dedicated drop off zones and accessible toilets.

‘Providing mobility access and facilities further opens up the space to everyone focusing on Rumah Sanur’s core aim of inclusivity in the space,’ Ayip said.

Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub’s partners, have also established new programs and partners.

In the front courtyard of Rumah Sanur, Teras Gandum Beer Garden & Kitchen hosts weekly music nights that showcase the best music talent—from emerging acts to established musicians.

Now working with over 160 partners from the Indonesian design community, to~ko concept storecontinues to encourage sustainable consumption and economic development.

Kopi Kultur continues to develop a network of farmers and education programs, it now sources ten single origin coffees from across Indonesia and continues to visit farmers across the ring of fire islands,’ Ayip said.

Outside the space, Rumah Sanur’s partnerships and incubator programs have also grown.

Since 2016, Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub has been a partner in Chiang Mai Design Week, last year presenting Bambooina, a collaboration showcasing 11 Indonesian designers and bamboo products on the world stage.

In 2018, Wake Wadho, a partnership between BEKRAF and Kopikkon that nurtures collaborations between designers and artists in Middle Flores was presented to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

‘The journey of Rumah Sanur continues; as an organisation we find new ways of facing and solving the challenges at hand in a collaborative environment that promotes local and international creatives,’ Ayip said.

An exhibition highlighting the journey of Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub including photos from events and media coverage is on display until August 13.

A selection of photographs showing Rumah Sanur is available here

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About Rumah Sanur
Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub was founded in 2015 in Sanur. Home to Kopi Kultur, to~ko concept storeand Teras Gandum, it engages the community and encourages collaboration between the creative, business, start-ups, social entrepreneurs and creative communities.