Seri Seniman – ArtsLab BecomeBecome

This Saturday, 6 Bali-based artists come together with artists from 12 other countries as BecomeBecome (Barcelona) brings its one-day ArtsLab to Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub. Come by from 6pm to see the results of this ArtsLab & get an insight into the artists’ work & creative process.

BecomeBecome is a non-profit network of institutions, private sector actors, artists and visionaries based in Barcelona. Through nomadic residencies, exchange labs and process exhibits, they bring together makers and shakers from all over the world to innovate the way we look at art, research & education. Their programs are based on award-winning methodologies and integrate creativity, wellbeing, innovation & intuition.

We were excited to share our feedback & critique lab yesterday, during which participants are asked to provide intutitve input on the process of other artists- with little time to overthink or analyze. In addition to our 12 participants, we invited 5 Bali-based artists to join in. As some participants said, the lab felt like entering into the headspace of other people, while also challenging us step outside our comfort zone and lay aside the notion that there are “right” and “wrong” answers or questions when it comes to looking at art. A massive thank you to Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub and its lovely curator Summa who made this event possible and so generously opened up her space for this vital work. It is a real joy to work with artists and organizers who are open for the new and unknown to arise and it truly makes up the core of BecomeBecome🙌