Seri Seniman No. 2 | Rudy Ao x Frank Quietly

For Seri Seniman No.2 Rudy Ao x Frank Quietly, we watched the BBC documentary What Do Artists Do All Day focusing on acclaimed comic book artist Frank Quietly’s artistic process & then heardd from our own home-grown comic legend @rudyao on how he creates his comic book characters.

Rudy Nurdiawan graduated from the Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung Indonesia in 1995, majoring in Architecture. After graduating, Rudy became a teacher in the same university and worked as an architect and interior consultant. Rudy has worked on hundreds of projects in the the field of illustration, architecture and comic in Indonesia and Singapore, working for companies such as Beltcollins International and has co-founded a comic design studio in Semarang named House of Imagi and more locally has been behind @usk.bali

Frank Quietly was born in Glasgow in 1968. Since 1998 he has drawn The Greens (self-published), Blackheart, Missionary Man, Shimura, Inaba, ten Paradox Press shorts, six VERTIGO shorts, Flex Mentallo, 20/20 Visions, Batman: The Scottish Connection, The Kingdom: Offspring, JLA: Earth 2 hardcover, The Invisibles, Transmetropolitan, The Authority, Captain America, New X-Men, Sandman: Endless nights, WE3 and the All-Star Superman. He lives in Glasgow with his wife and three children. He used to design his own hats and clothing. Currently his favourite hobby is cooking.