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Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub, visit us to discover art by Farid Stevy, Roa and NatchArtwork at

  • Pablo Ientile
    Pablo Ientile
    Front Wall
    July 2018
    Pablo Ientile is an artist from Argentina living and working in Berlin. He discovered art when he was little and never stopped drawing. He works on exhibitions, makes books and does animations for clients from around the world. His most recent project is an illustrated book called “Pablo Bear goes to Asia” where he talks about his experiences from a 6 month travel through 10 countries in Asia. During that experience he spent 15 days in Bali, and that experience is also part of the book.
  • Farid Stevy
    Stairs Project
    Sept 2017
    I fell in love with this text from Mochtar Lubis one of writer in Indonesia, who made this speech 1970s Jakarta which talked about becoming a citizen of Indonesia. What I found & why I am interested in that text is I find it still relevant now. I just waited until I have the right place, the right ideal, the right ethics to create something with this text. So when Rumah Sanur asked me to do another piece, I thought this is the best place for it because I think Rumah Sanur has the same spirit.
  • ROA
    Baby Echidna
    Jul 2016
    Working with the common connections between Australia & Indonesia, street artist ROA chose to paint a baby echidna, an animal that once existed in both countries. Renowned for his depiction of animals in black and white, originally from Belgium ROA was presented in collaboration with TropicaFestival, Artotel Sanur – Bali, Villa Indah Ubud & Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub.
  • #NatchArtWork
    The Legend of Calonarang
    Jul 2017
    The mural, the Legend of Calonarang is a depiction of an Indonesian folklore story that originated in Bali. The goal of the painting is to highlight Indonesian culture & local foreigners collaborations, a reflection of Rumah Sanur’s values & ideas. I chose to highlight these two points while talking about a famous Indonesian legend as interpreted by my foreign eye and references.
  • Farid Stevy
    Pillar Project
    March 2016
    The last thing I remember about Bali is how the youth in Bali is struggling with the case of disempowerment. I find my friends involved in the movement to help so I hope maybe my work can give them more fire or fire to do the struggle. So, what happened when I came to Rumah Sanur I thought maybe I can play a big part in that movement by creating a big piece that empowers.
  • Ayip Budiman
    The Rise of the Local Brand
    August 2016
    The idea behind wheatpaste on the outside wall of to-ko concept store is to express the store’s spirit & commitment to facilitate & promote curated local products from SMEs & young designers.
  • Ayip Budiman
    Own Not Buy
    August 2016
    The artwork expresses prosumerism in the Own not Buy language & the proud history of local brands in the Rise of the Local Brand. I made both of the pieces with the wheatpaste method for the first time to make it more casual & evoke a street art feeling.