Andre Yoga | Artist

Andre Yoga is an artist who explore themes such as the environment and Balinese culture in his work. Andre was at Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub for the Open Studios Program with CushCush Gallery for DenPasar2018.

When did you start drawing?
I’ve been drawing since high school, while there I sold my drawing for clothes distributions. After that, during college, I often did murals in various restaurants or cafés.

Is your art more orientated to commercial or personal work?
I do both of them, I used to have a studio with friends to work on painting but now I work more for commercial purposes.

What is the difference between your commercial work and your personal work?
From the inspiration itself, it is clearly different, usually my personal work relates to themes that I usually talk about and like to promote – more to the environment, Balinese culture from the standards of ancient times to contemporary art today.

Then for the commercial work, usually my clients already know about my style and I respond to the brief provided by them then finish with a touch of my own.

What kind of style do you use in your drawing?
There are many styles that I like and have used, but for now the style I am currently into is painting.

What material do you use most often in your work?
For personal work, I use canvas and acrylic paint, but, for more commercial and day to day work, I use more digital painting.

Do you work with a theme or concept when creating your art?
I adjust to the needs to my artwork, if it’s for an exhibition I certainly do research for the theme that I will publish work on. And I sometimes find it difficult to convey one or two explanatory words to people who ask about my work because there are so many things that need to be conveyed.

Do you have a favourite piece of your artwork?
Almost all of the work I’ve made, but seriously all the work I uploaded on Instagram is my favorite.

Are there local or international artists who influence your style?
I can’t mention one by one because a lot of local artist inspired me. From my closest friends learned a lot but for foreign artist I like the works of Salvador Dali.

Why are you interested in art?
Well because basically, I like to convey a message through visual work because in my opinion by seeing a visual work people can feel something. I cherish poetry, music, even food can be said to be an art too.

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