Andri Nur Oesman | Designer

Andri Nur Oesman or familiarly called Andri. A designer who is no stranger to Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, whether he enjoying a cup of coffee, busy with his watercolour or just gossiping.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Andri Nur Oesman. I was born in West Sumatra, Solok and lived there until the 3rd grade, then to move to Padang until high school and after that, I moved to Depok.

When I was in college majoring in Architecture. During my four years of architecture, I had the chance to work for 4-5 months as a lighting designer and also worked on puzzle games such as an escape room, as the game designer.

Are you still doing architectural work too?
I liked the model making and model making business. I really liked the job, so I joined an architect firm in Bali for 2 years, until finally, I decided to leave.

When did you decide to focus on watercolor illustration?
Starting in 2018, I think after being somewhat bored with my job as an architect, I wanted to explore and try to focus on sketching using watercolors.

Are all illustrations you made all watercolor?
Yes, but sometimes I use ink and pencils too. Such as making an outline and finishing I’m still using ink and pencil too.

How long have you been into illustration?
I think since childhood when I was a kid I used to draw comics and at high school, I started to begin drawing more realistically.

Do you prefer to be called an Artist?
I prefer to be called a designer because my work is to respond. In my opinion, the difference between a designer and an artist is that the artist works with a sense from within (from inside out) while the designer responding to the thing outside.

Which media do you often use when working?
Traditionally I use paper, using watercolors, pencils, or ink. I’m still focused on that now.

Why are you choosing watercolor as your main medium right now?
Because I like it, more precisely I like the process. In my opinion, the result is more concrete than digital. I’m not saying that digital is bad, digital is also cool, but I just don’t like the process using digital media. In the end, I will go back to using watercolors.

Have you got any future projects? What do you want to develop next?
Storyboard Illustration for movie or film script.

What do you think about Rumah Sanur Creative Hub?
I think it’s like a melting pot for like-minded creative people from other regions and around the world with a multi-disciplinary background to create and give birth to collaborative works.

Strengthen your roots, but don’t be defensive with that, because when you are strong with your roots and you become defensive, you won’t be able to add your own insights.  When you open up, you will dare to take the opportunities offered.