Andri & Tami (Kedaur) | Designer

Kedaur is a collaborative project by Andri and Tami to develop paper from waste material. Here they talk about their ideas, sustainable approach, inspiration and the MASABOCA Boot Camp.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?
The team from Keduar Andri and Tami worked in different areas. Andri worked in architecture and then stopped to focus on painting watercolors because he loved pictures and wanted it to become a career. Tami has worked in product design in Bali for a silver making company.

What is the product you are developing?
We are making products from paper waste materials.

As a creative, what inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?
The initial inspiration came from frequent use of water colours and noticing lots of paper waste because people use paper for a day or once. So, we wanted to try to make something from paper waste that can be upcycled paper or other products like decorations.

What types of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are you interested in?
We upcycle old paper to create new paper and products. We are also exploring how to make paper from banana stems, bark, corn husks, grass and other raw materials.

Since ancient times, people have made paper from self-sustaining plants. On the one hand, we see what was done in the past and the other side, we want to develop from materials such as new but actually recycle the industrial materials.

Why are opportunities like MASABOCA important for you as an upcoming designer?
Very important, because we are guided intensively through the bootcamp with mentors who have experience in different fields, especially management, business and product design. Then we are given a place to work, from the place, mentor, financially which helps us develop products.

What materials do you use for your product?
All the products use paper, such as cardboard, HVS paper and so on. For organic paper we also use plants.

Why do you think spaces like Rumah Sanur and to~ko Concept Store are important for creatives?
Very important, because it gives people a space to be creative. Rumah Sanur provides a forum for designers, artists to work. And to~ko Concept Store helps advance the creative economy so besides working in the space, you can also make or develop something to sell.

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