Ayu Norma | Monopoli Bali

Hailing form Surabaya, Bali Monopoli Owner, Ayu Norma moved to Bali 12 years ago. She likes to think about ideas, makers & markets. Here she talks to Rumah Sanur Creative Hub about the history of her product.

As a creator, what inspires you?
The greatest inspiration is people, seeing the right-left, travel, interaction, sitting & observes, reading books or audio books. The most important interaction with people.

What is the history of Bali Monopoli?
Monopoliy Bali started in 2016 as part of the Indogenous brand. I wanted to develop goods that have the very spirit of Indonesia but can be accessed for everyone & internationally.

After thinking what souvenirs already existed in Bali, I was not satisfied with the existing market. So, the first thought I had was we are trying too hard to make things we think tourists or non-Indonesian people want, to make things for a certain taste. I thought we can celebrate our culture as well, we should be proud of our culture, our traditions & our ways of day to day life. That’s what I want to capture in the memorabilia I create.

What is the ethos behind your products?
The important idea is that I make things with the spirit of Indonesia which international people can connect with.

I also make sure the products I create also contain interactions. And I focus on goods that are produced in Indonesia & involve communities in Bali including craftsmen, wood, clothing.

I aim to use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible. In my product, Bali Monopoli, I only use paper, wood, cloth & tin boxes.

Where are your products available?
The goods have been sold in international Bali Airport & some independent stores in Bali. For marketing, we only use Instagram & Facebook. During this year we produced Bali Monopoli & Coffee Stencils.

I also made for fun, a prototype rain coat for five people because you know this type of spirit & this is Indonesia, one motorcycle can be driven by one family, five people.

What is the purpose of your products?
I want us to not feel “it’s too Indonesian”. The purpose of the Indigenous brand is more kea rah, more cool & hilarious but in touch with Indonesia.

Why do you partner with to~ko & Rumah Sanur?
I really like to~ko Concept Store & Rumah Sanur because they can support independent designers, independent makers & are open to ideas. At Rumah Sanur, all the best people can be appreciated, one of a kind that are not common in Bali, in Indonesia.

I think we should support each other & be part of education for the public too. I think communities such as to~ko Concept Store are very necessary because it is good for the spirit to be an entrepreneur, to develop design, to open the mind to see other designs that are more unique.

Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, I like because it provides input for more support for artists than the usual co-working. It can inspire & activate people not just ideas but also the realisation & prototype directly.

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