Dimas Bagus Wijanarko | Founder Of Get Plastic Movement

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My full name is Dimas Bagus Wijanarko, I graduated from STM Petra Surabaya School in 1996. I was actively involved in activism from 1997 to 1998. I decided to quit politics because I was slightly disappointed with the political situation at the time. Now my main profession is t-shirt screen printing.

When and how did you start Get Plastic?
At the beginning of my research in late 2014, my friend told me that plastic can be turned into gasoline, so Get Plastic was formed in 2016 and it became really active in 2017 with the help of various communities and institutions such as LKPS, Forest Jakarta, and Jong Nusantara.

Why the name Get Plastic?
I found the name at night when me and three of my friends at that time were formulating the vision and mission of get plastic. Basically, the idea is to awaken the conscious of surround people or community to take responsibility for plastic waste that we use together.

Where do you find the inspiration to make the machine ?
In principle, this technology was discovered in Japan in the 1990s. I think there is no specific inspiration why I made this machine, just maybe yes, it is because my friend who told me plastic waste can be converted into oil. I am just a clothing screen printer who does not understand technology but because of my concern for Indonesia’s problem with plastic waste, I tried research and experimented continuously until finally our first machine is alive.

What social and environmental impact has Get Plastic had so far?
For the Indonesian environment in general, I think our impact is still small because our organisation is still just a baby, not a big organisation that has existed for decades. But the movement of Get Plastic has a big social impact because what we do is to transfer and share knowledge with the community about the impact and danger that comes from plastic use if we’re not in control of it. I believe that if this movement becomes bigger and can get support from different parties including the government, then I think in 3 years Indonesia can be clear from plastic waste.

What was one of your recent projects?
My recent project was an idea that I already had for a long time – the 1200km mobile workshop. For the workshop, I used a plastic-fueled Vespa to travel from Java to Bali. The purpose was to educate, connect and move from point to point with different communities and societies following the social values of Indonesia.

What is your dream for Get Plastic?
My dream is to awake the conscious and educate people on the importance to protect the environment because for me nature is the source of human life. I want to be able to unite should to shoulder to educate the nation’s children, give hope to future generations and keep our nature in harmony with our culture.

What are the biggest problems facing Indonesia from Get Plastic’s perspective?
Plastic waste is the biggest problem facing Indonesia. There is a lack of awareness about the impact of plastic consumption, the Government is also not responsive to this problem. Indonesian has become 2nd in the world for producing plastic waste.

How can this problem be solved?
The problem can be solved working together with various groups, communities and if possible government to provide a thorough and comprehensive education on the impact of the use of plastics.

Why do you think spaces like Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub are important?
Places like Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub are very, very important because they provide a space, a means, a container that young generations need today to express and contribute. A space like this is still rare in Indonesia.

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