Fendy Rizk | Musician

Fendy Rizk is well known around Bali for his contrabass, yellow bicycle & sharing the stage with acts from Leanna Rachel to Sandrayati Fay. He plays with a trio for Rumah Sanur’s Jazz Under the Tree every second Tuesday. 

When & why did you start playing music?
I started to learn music in 2012 because I love music of course.

What kind of genre  do you play?
I love all genres, but currently I am focusing on jazz, I learn a lot about jazz, but every genre is the same learning process.

What music instrument do you play?
My major instrument is the contrabass but now I am learning the drums. I want to understand the drums because the bass & drums are part of the rhythm section so I want to understand instruments that are close to the bass.

Why you choose that instrument?
Why I focus on the contrabass is because I used to play the electric bass which I learnt because I was in a band & we didn’t have a bassist.

With time I started to enjoy playing the bass. Before that I loved playing the guitar then I was interested in bass, because playing bass is not easy. Every instrument has different level of difficulty.

Why contrabass?
When I was practicing playing electric bass in my uncle’s house, Eko Sumarno. He is the first person who taught me music & in his room there was a contrabass. I learnt about it all day long but I still couldn’t play it & I was curious enough so I started to focus on contrabass, I learnt from Helmy.

What’s next for you?
My plan for the future is to create an album soon, it’s still in process one by one but the important thing is that we can play & enjoy music. Creating an album is documenting all of the things that I have learnt.

Any advice for up and coming musicians?
I am also a new musician but I think sharing & learning about history in music is a must.

So, I always learn the music’s history before I will play it or with who I play music. For example if I play blues, I first learn about what is blues so I can understand & not misunderstand.

What is Rumah Sanur to you?
Rumah Sanur is a home for all of us. All of the artists & musicians hang out here, for me it’s a home for those people.

Why do you think spaces like Rumah Sanur are important?
Because at this time only Rumah Sanur is facilitating & welcoming every kind of artist. Not many places can welcome every kind of artist. Not only artist but every type of people can be here.

What make you want to collaborate with Rumah Sanur?
I really love playing music at Rumah Sanur because Rumah Sanur does not ask me to play a,b,c,d certain songs. Rumah Sanur always provides a place for artist to have freedom of expression.

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