Hanh | Heart Lab

Hanh is the owner and creator of Heart Lab available in To~ko Concept Store. Working with international organisations including the WWF as well as local collaborators, Hanh aims to encourage economic empowerment & use upcycled materials for his products. 

Why did you create Heart Lab?
Actually I had no intention or planning for Heart Lab when I came to Bali.

Before I come here, I was in Yogyakarta, so we used to organise exhibitions and everything and always interested in art since I was a kid and I also studied at art school. So we just went with the flow and now we have Heart Lab.

What is your vision and dream for Heart Lab?
My dream, it is to create more jobs for people, I think that’s one thing that can contribute to society. Like IbuIbu, we can help them with their economic empowerment so they have extra income.

What’s next for Heart Lab?
I’d like to focus on more collaborations with artists and better selling products. Also creating limited edition pieces. Also, paper maché is environmentally friendly but resin not so much so trying to figure out new materials to use that is better for the environment.

What type of art are you interested in and what inspires you?
I am interested in fine art and contemporary art. But also I am interested in creating something that is useful to society.

I get inspiration from anything Bali anything but mostly for me it’s like popular culture; movies and MTV.

Most of the art from my experience you see a lot of heavy stuff, I try to make something fun, something not too heavy so maybe people can smile or laugh at, something funny. That what I try to do. See like Michael Jackson, Darth Vader doing the Michael Jackson pose.

What kind of problems are you interested in?
Environmental issues, I am always interested in recycled things. Because here in Bali, mostly or anywhere you can see a lot of like people throwing a lot of things out and no one really appreciates the trash.

So we can help by recycling and turning it into something very nice. So far I am experimenting with the newspaper, a bit fabric and now I try to a little bit to the toys, plastic toys. The products mainly use paper maché from recycled things.

Why is working with local collaborators important for you?
We have to promote local artists I think, that’s our main concern and also how to support our artists. Basically in Bali there are a lot of foreigners and tourists so showing them local talent is important. The local artists design and we produce the sculptures for them and sell them.

What types of projects have you worked on to help environmental issues, or other campaigns?
Yeah, say the example with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), they were doing this campaign is saving the tiger. Also actually they try to show to countries including China, Thailand the campaign and show that can also support local artists.

They chose us to together create consumer tech and recycled materials because we and they also want to support local artists more like what we are doing with economic empowerment.

Besides WWF, yeah I’m doing with the artist, one artist collaboration who is doing a lot of work, his work, he’s like my visiting friend, doing the we start doing when he’s doing the campaign for the president, I produce his sculpture for the president Joko Widodo.

Why do you think stores such as To~ko Concept Store are important for young artists and designers?
I think because of the network, you see To~ko Concept Store is doing a great job I think of helping us as entrepreneurs. The networking – connecting us to people to collaborate with and our customer is really helping us grow.

Why do you think spaces like Rumah Sanur are important for creatives?
I think in Bali not so many places are doing like this, this is the best thing in Rumah Sanur I think it is unique.

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