Krisna Floop | Musician

Krisna Floop from Sanur Troubadour creates music using the latest in loop pedal technology. Blending ethnic tribal sounds with jazzy riffs, soulful vocals and funky blues guitar. Catch him at Rumah Sanur every second Monday. 

When & why did you start playing music?
I started playing music when I was about eight years old. My mom give me my first guitar but I didn’t take it seriously until I was 13 when I starting electric guitar.

Why choose Floop (flute & loop) as equipment?
Before I started Floop I was working the Mangrooves a six piece reggae band & we were doing really well. We got nominated for a Anugrah Music Indonesia award but we take a break for a while. So I started to think how can I project a similar sound to a full band by myself.

It is part of my journey to find my independent session artist. I can play guitar bass, beatbox & recently I learnt to play flute so I thought how can I do all these things at the same time.

So I Googled it & started to learn loop session. There are many artist that inspire me & do the same thing so from there I found my groove.

Who are some of your inspirations?
Dub Fx, an Australian street musician. He has no instrument & he only uses his voice, it’s amazing. Also Mike Loves Reggae, a guitarist who also uses the loop pedal a lot. There is also French Kiwi Juices, he has recently become more popular & he’s cool.

What are your biggest challenges as composer?
Maybe deadlines. As an artist it is hard to know. I cannot say I write four songs a week. Sometimes I write five songs a week or one song a year because it really depends on my state of mind.

It is a difficult challenge because my mind is living in an abstract world, it is not something that able to work respectively, if it happens it happens & if it doesn’t it doesn’t so I just have to accept it & go with it.

What skills & personal attributes that important for singer?
I think there are many musicians who have incredible skills but sometimes their personalities are disappointing, too much ego or they are playing music for wrong purpose such as attention & recognition.

I think it would be great for musicians to have attributes such as selflessness & a want to play music for a greater cause such as delivering a positive message.

Have you collaborated with other musicians?
Yes, I collaborated with Dadang (Dialog Dini Hari) for one event. I think the band the Mangrooves was a big collaboration. Here at Rumah Sanur I collaborated with DJ Arja Dse aka Porkypine.

I think the best collaboration I have done so far is with Annabelle she is amazing singer from Holland. We did one song together called Ibu Pertiwi Dan about mother nature.

Who will you collaborate with next?
I have a project coming up with Made Mawut & Fendy Rizk, we have collaborated on one blues song.

What do you think about Rumah Sanur?
Rumah Sanur is great, I like Rumah Sanur because it’s a cultural hub its supports local original musician, composer & of course very strong event for community. And I like the people the atmosphere.

Why do you think places like Rumah Sanur are important for creatives?
Its very important to have a place like this in Bali because there are many incredible artists, original composers & amazing entrepreneurs.

But we are lacking platform, we don’t have many locations that accept creativity it’s more commercial activity. I think it’s a blessing that we have place Rumah Sanur, I think there more places like this that support local artists.

Why do you like playing at Rumah Sanur?
Because I like the community, I like when I play here everybody comes up from Sanur. All the locals, expats it can be a social hub, hangout spot I think Sanur missing place like this.

You can find many in Ubud, Canggu Uluwatu whatever but Sanur needs a place like Rumah Sanur.

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