Pablo Ientile | Illustrator

Pablo Ientile is an artist from Argentina living and working in Berlin. He discovered art when he was little and never stopped drawing. He works on exhibitions, makes books and does animations for clients from around the world. His most recent project is an illustrated book called “Pablo Bear goes to Asia” where he talks about his experiences from a 6 month travel through 10 countries in Asia. During that experience he spent 15 days in Bali, and that experience is also part of the book.

Pablo Ientile working on his Piece at Rumah Sanur front wall

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Pablo Ientile, my family name is Italian because my father was born in Italy before he moved with his family to Argentina. So I grew up in Argentina but with Italian family culture.

When did you start to draw?
Since I was 5 years old, mostly I copied Disney characters and North American comic styles because at the time I didn’t have access to Manga, Japanese comics. My Mum saw I was drawing so she sent me to some drawing classes for extracurricular school activities.

What was your journey to becoming an Illustrator?
At the start, I didn’t know how to become an artist or an illustrator because my family has no background in arts. Then after I graduated from high school, I went to university to major in Journalism, that was horrible, I just drew on my notebook all the time. Because of that, I knew I needed to go back to college to study Art. But I didn’t finish my studies it because my family and I moved to Germany. That’s when I found Graphic Design that led me into the Illustration world. For myself, I can’t imagine just doing art so that’s why I picked up Graphic Design because in my case it’s better for my future.

Pablo Ientile working on his Piece at Rumah Sanur front wall

Why did you decide to be an Illustrator?
When I lived in Madrid 10 years ago I mostly worked in graphic and motion design and illustration for agencies. At one point I was very bored sitting in front of the computer doing motion design and I couldn’t see my own mark on it. By the time I moved to Berlin I already had a lot of drawing and illustration in my collection. When I do character illustration, I discovered that this is what I really wanted to. But it was difficult for me to just jump from motion design into character illustration because you know motion design is really well paid.

What kind of style do you use in illustration?
My style is doodle or doodling, in contrary to what is happening right now it was so not really popular 10 years ago there are not too many people using that style back then.

Why did you decide to make comics?
I wanted to be an Illustrator and for me, it was hard to build a portfolio for illustration because I worked mostly in graphic and motion design which consumed my time. So, I said to myself if I go away from my computer I’ll draw more and become good at it. I had this idea in my head from a long time ago that I wanted to travel, and the travel will be my story in a comic book, that’s when all of this is started.

Why did you decide to travel to Asia?
I had planned to travel for 6 months, then my friend told me that I should go to Asia, and I said I don’t know anyone in Asia but then my friend told me just go, he said Asia is really beautiful. Then I opened up a map and that’s when and where Pablo Bear started.

What is Pablo Bear to you?
First, I should say Pablo Bear is not really important to me, because what I really wanted at the beginning was just to travel and draw. Then when I came back from my travel to just tell the story about my journey. But now Pablo Bear is like an extension of myself to channel a story about anything and it’s easier to tell those stories with a fictional character.

Pablo Ientile working on his Piece at Rumah Sanur front wall

How did you publish the book Pablo Bear Goes To Asia?
The book is 200 color pages, it’s a lot of work, at first, I decided to go to the publisher but they all declined it. So, I crowdfunded Pablo Bear Goes to Asia through Kickstarter and got the money to independently print my book.

Was there a particular method you used for developing the story?
In my case I just went with the flow, maybe focusing on choosing what kind of topic is interesting so readers keep reading my book. And I keep drawing all the time.

Is there any particular person or artist influence your work?
I love many things, but I don’t really follow a particular artist or person. I pick things from many people and artists.

Is there any upcoming project do you intended to do?
It’s difficult for me to say what I will be doing for the next ten years, I’m at this point now but in the future, who knows.

What is the story behind this mural that you have just finished at Rumah Sanur?
To incorporate the meaning of Rumah Sanur which is community and creativity, and translate or interpret it in a modern visual language.

What was the inspiration for the work?
When I do murals usually the inspiration comes from the surroundings, I always spend a day or two in the place before I draw a mural there, you know to catch the feeling of the place. In this case is Rumah Sanur and Bali, in general, is the inspiration for the work.

Pablo Ientile in Front of  his Mural

Do you think places like Rumah Sanur are important?
It’s a dream, if I could choose to make something else I think I’d create a place like Rumah Sanur. For me, this place is a space of opportunity for young, or old people and community alike. Because I believe everyone has the same opportunity to voice their ideas or mind and Rumah Sanur can accommodate that. That’s why I said this place is like a dream.

Finished Piece by Pablo Ientile 

Finished Piece by Pablo Ientile 


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