Swadaya: Rio Helmi & Joe Yaggi

Rio Helmi and Joe Yaggi presented another amazing collaborative project at Rumah Sanur.

SWADAYA is a 13-part cultural adventure television series that will give Indonesians, and people around the world, an opportunity to explore and experience the best Indonesia and her inspiring people, and to remember how culture and society shape the Indonesian experience.

Rio & Joe are passionate visual communicators & passionate about Indonesia. Rio’s a well known Indonesian cultural and social photographer & Joe’s a filmmaker, producer/director, and cameraman and they’ve come together for a project that they hope will inspire people across Indonesia and around the world.

In Indonesian, Swadaya means self-empowered. Indonesia is at a cross-roads with the young generation navigating their way forward while the older generation tries to adapt to rapid change. To help inspire positive forward momentum, they’re creating a TV series highlighting exceptional grassroots stories of successful community driven projects. The series will broadcast first on Local TV stations across Indonesia with the goal of inspiring communities to create their own socially beneficial projects.