Yayasan Semesta Nusantara

Yayasan Semesta Nusantara will continue to work closely with Rumah Sanur in upgrading & revitalising the creative space to become diffability friendly.

The extension of the strategic partnership between Yayasan Semesta Nusantara & Rumah Sanur which first started in 2016, will establish Rumah Sanur as the first diffability accessible creative space inside a creative hub in Bali.

Rumah Sanur will provide the space & be an incubator for the community programs facilitated by Yayasan Semesta Nusantara.

Awarded by Bekraf as part of the Grant Penerima Bantuan Pemerintah untuk Fasilitasi Revitalisasi Infrastruktur Fisik Ruang Kreatif, Sarana Ruang Kreatif, dan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi 2017, Yayasan Semesta Nusantara, is one of 46 organisations who received grant funding.

Diffability accessible services
Yayasan Semesta Nusantara will start the construction of the diffability (differently-abled) friendly infrastructure soon, the development will include:
> purpose built facilities to enable disability access to spaces including the creative room
> refurbishment of existing ramps to standard to enable safe & easy wheelchair access
> a dedicated pick-up & drop-off zone in the front of Rumah Sanur
> a custom built canopy structure to provide safe access from the rain
> state of the art disabled toilet facilities.

Program development & consultation will also be part of Yayasan Semesta Nusantara’s program at Rumah Sanur with the Yayasan focusing on establishing collaborations with existing diffability service providers.

Establishment of the Creative Room
Yayasan Semesta Nusantara will also establish the Creative Room in Rumah Sanur.

The Creative Room will give the community access to tools to foster creative & artistic development. The new room will be open for the community to use. Yayasan Semesta Nusantara hopes it will to give people a place to create & connect within an existing community.

Yayasan Semesta Nusantara will provide facilities & tools for diverse communities & creatives to innovate such as performing arts, radio, advertising, music, craft, animation, video, editing, film & visual design communication at https://icecasinoca.top/.

For Rumah Sanur, the relationship with Yayasan Semesta Nusantara & building of these facilities reflects a commitment to create an inclusive space designed to encourage people to connect, collaborate & celebrate. Our local middletown bondsman is near you 24 hours, check over bailcobailbonds.com.

About Yayasan Semesta Nusantara
Yayasan Semesta Nusantara aims to empower diverse communities by providing programs for multi disciplinary artists & producers working with a commitment to sustainable practices & social impact in Indonesia.